Rosecrance New Life Outpatient Center has been in existence since August of 1991. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience who are committed to providing confidential, personalized, sensitive and effective professional services through programs of intervention, recovery care for adults and adolescents, and educational courses for OWI/DUI offenders.

Rosecrance Health Network acquired New Life Outpatient Center in April 2016. Rosecrance is among the nation’s premier providers of treatment services for teenagers. Rosecrance also serves adults and operates licensed recovery homes. This is the organization’s first venture in Iowa, although families from the Quad Cities have long turned to Rosecrance for inpatient treatment services at two large campuses in Rockford. Rosecrance has more than 40 locations in northern Illinois, including Chicago, and in southern Wisconsin. Visit Rosecrance’s corporate website here.

In order to carry out our mission at Rosecrance New Life Outpatient Center of providing a continuum of comprehensive treatment and related services for all people experiencing problems with alcohol and other drug use, we will adhere to the following values:


  • Compassion

    We will convey respect, concern, and consideration for our clients’ rights and responsibilities.

  • Professionalism

    We will strive to attain the highest competence and character to serve our clients.

  • Integrity

    We will steadfastly adhere to the highest moral and professional standards.

  • Effectiveness

    We will seek the best counseling and business methods to insure our clients’ success.

  • Empowerment

    We will build the capacity of our clients to make healthy changes in their lives.

  • Financial Growth

    We will steward our resources to succeed, grow and provide for our clients’ needs.


About Rosecrance

The Rosecrance story shows how a responsible organization evolves through the decades to meet a community’s changing needs. Founded as an orphanage for a handful of boys in 1916, Rosecrance has become a comprehensive behavioral health network serving more than 22,000 families each year. Click here to read more about Rosecrance’s history.